Donna Blevins ~ Jan 23 2018

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Special Guest: Donna Blevins

Donna Blevins brings a down-to-earth, humorous touch to her speaking and writing from her roots in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia where she grew up in a coal mining camp. And, grow UP she did… to a towering 6 feet 5 inches tall! She is a true entrepreneur with careers in modeling, acting, marketing, advertising, real estate, professional speaking, training, journalism, and gaming. In both business and life, Donna has lost, and she has won. Even though it is admittedly more fun to win, Donna candidly shares her intimate story of turning losses into wins by accessing the wisdom within those mistakes.

Donna is equally dedicated to the vision of universal prosperity and gives back as a Board member of the nonprofit United World Healing. A life-student committed to the philosophy that now is always the right time to learn, Donna went back to school at the age of 58 to earn her Doctorate.