George Koury ~ April 10 2018

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Special Guest: George Koury

George is a professional Psychic Medium and Angel Messenger who displayed natural abilities since childhood.  He had his first mystical experience at 5 years of age with a visitation from an Angel.  From that first moment George had an unfolding of psychic abilities that expanded to include communication with departed loved ones.

He received training from his maternal Grandmother, a gifted Medium.  He is part of the teaching staff and conducts Message Circles at several Spiritual centers.  He is a visiting Medium at Lily Dale, NY, serving at demonstrations during their Spiritual Message Services.  George completed extensive advanced training with Doctors Doreen Virtue, Kimberly Marooney and Judith Larkin Reno, three generations of acknowledged Angel experts.

George conducts private and group readings and classes and makes regular appearances on radio and television.  He has been doing this work for over 30 years.  He communicates with departed loved ones and Angels with accuracy, compassion and a great sense of humor.  Both dogs and cats like him.