Kare Possick ~ Dec 20 2016

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Special Guest: Kare Possick

Kare is a Visionary Artist and Author who has also been involved in Natural Healing and Quantum Energy Medicine for nearly 50 years.  Her most recent passion is teaching people about an heirloom food that saved her husband’s life, transformed hers and is changing the lives of thousands of others on a physical, mental and spiritual level! She has written a book about this amazing anti-aging food called “You’re How Old?  How to recharge, repair, and regenerate every cell in your body!  She is also the host of “High Frequency Wellness” a Podcast which interviews specialists in the area of health, wellness, alternative healing therapies, quantum wellness, intuitive healing, creativity, and spirituality.

You can watch Kare’s videos and download her new book for free:  www.KaresPurpleRiceProducts.com