Lisha Antiqua – Feb 5 2019

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Special Guest: Lisha Antiqua

Lisha Antiqua is known as a trauma transformer. She uses her unique trauma recovery method to help her clients reclaim their power and individuality. Lisha Antiqua has been featured on ABC, NBC, and FOX and awarded as one of America’s Premier Experts in selfcare. She is the founder of three companies, all designed to help their members through self-awareness and love, end generational patterns, limited living, and dis-ease. She believes there is nothing more beautiful than a person who KNOWS themselves inside and out. Lisha is a best-selling author of “From Bondage to Happiness” an international speaker and teacher.

Currently, she is earning her Ph.D. in Spiritual Psychology focusing on trauma recovery and publishing her methodology. She is C.E.O of Your Own University which offers monthly members groundbreaking personal development tools, and features certification programs for coaches and yoga teachers. Lisha continues to work with private clients, group classes and students in her certification programs.