Mark Hernandez October 15 2019

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Special Guest: Mark Hernandez Mark is a Holistic Practitioner that helps people and animals that have “hit the wall” with health and well-being issues. He uses non-invasive energy-medicine modalities and tools to help his clients experience change in a gentle and safe fashion. At times they experience these changes immediately, and in others, over time. He is certified in The Emotion Code and The Body Code. Mark is one of 787 Certified Body Practitioners worldwide, and is also a Certified Advanced ASHWork Practitioner, trained by Rudy Hunter.

He belongs to the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and the Pastoral Medical Association. He has talked about and demonstrated his work at The San Antonio Microsoft Store and at events such as The Body Mind Spirit Expo, The San Antonio Wholistic Festival, The Austin Well Pet Awareness Fair, and The Austin Holistic Life Fair. Day by day people are choosing to assume a greater role in their own health and well-being. My work helps people experience more health, happiness, and joy in their everyday lives.