Shawn Cohen ~ August 14 2018

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Special Guest: Shawn Cohen

Shawn M. Cohen, BSc. Metaphysics, L.V.N. is a highly gifted, experienced and educated Psychic, Medium, Metaphysician, Astrologer, Past Life Regressionist, Teacher and Lecturer of Metaphysics, Tarot, and Esoteric Knowledge. Author of “The Tarot, The Tarot Workbook” (c) 2009, “Metaphysics 1 Workbook” (c) 2018 and just published in June 2018(c) “Metaphysics 2 Workbook”,  Writer, Artist, Healer, Poet for over 35 years. She has currently created her own web radio show called, “Cafe Esoterica Radio on Blog Talk”