Stardancer ~ Oct 24 2017

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Special Guest: Stardancer

Stardancer was born and raised on a farm in Ohio. She learned at an early age that she has the ability to allow Divine Love and Light to flow through her body to facilitate healing for others. She has been called many things such as Shaman, Empath, Astral Healer, Medicine Woman, Psychic and Intuitive, but truly, if you ask her,  she will tell you that she allows herself to be lead by Spirit and to let Spirit work through her. Everyday is a new adventure for Stardancer as she continues on her path helping spiritual beings living a human existence to become more awakened, enlightened and inspired. When she is not working she is enjoying the company of family, friends, plants and animals. She has been known to tell you exactly what you need to hear at exactly the right time to transform the darkness of life into the purest form of Love and Light.